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History of African Music

The African continent accounts for almost a tenth of the global population. More interestingly, the continent has between 1500 and 2000 different indigenous languages spoken. Even with the number of languages proving just how diverse yet complicated the continent and its origins and culture is, the music is even more complex and is not easily navigated.

With the importance of music in Africa today, the traditional music scene has always been burning to keep the culture and natural elements alive.

Many well-known African musicians and bands have even been showcasing their talents and the culture of the music internationally with acts such as the Miriam Makeba and Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

History of African Music 1 - History of African Music

Other than the general knowledge of traditional African music, no researchers have been able to present takes on African music without sounding controversial due to the building blocks of the traditional music being handed down from generation to generation. The basics of the music literature of African culture are believed by many to be based on western theoretical frameworks.

The basics of all traditional African songs, artists, and styles have always stood out as significant in their own rights. Many believe it’s one of the last remaining music genres that are gaining a lot of popularity while still staying true to its tone.

In history, many African people migrated in large groups to different continents and brought their musical styles and instruments with them wherever they settled. The sheer difference between African music and contemporary music throughout the time, many genres borrowed from African traditional music in rhythm and style.

The inspiration that many well-known genres have taken from African music can be seen, especially in blues music. Blues music has been influenced by African music in its tone since the genre’s inception in the world.

The elements within most music genres that are centred on African music can be heard with response patterns in the repeated refrain, imitation of vocal melodies done by instruments, and even the falsetto break in the vocals style used in blues.