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Where to Attend Drum Circles

Attending a drum circle can provide anybody with a great experience in achieving the benefits of a positive mindset, relaxation, and a free-spirited attitude towards life. Listening drum circles or learning how to drum is available through the activities listed below, and all take place within Australia.

Richmond Shamanic Drum Circle

Richmond Shamanic Meetup and Drum Circle is a recurring event in Richmond for all who love to drum or want to be inspired into drumming.

The club recognises shamanism as a cross-cultural way of being rooted in respect, the sacredness of all life, and embracing the state of mind and nature.

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West End Drumming Circles Meetup Group

The West End Drumming Circle is there for anybody who wants to release their inner spirit. If you’re going to feel free and be yourself among like-minded individuals, this is the club to join. NO experience or equipment is necessary as the club already has an abundance of drums available and leaders to guide any beginner on their new journey into drumming.

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Sydney Samanic Journey and Soul Healing Group

The Shamanic Journey and Soul Healing Group are dedicated to the benefits of drumming and reaching a free spirit soul. They believe that the population’s souls are becoming neglected and misunderstood in modern society.

This drumming circle focuses on helping people get their souls back due to it being the foundation of health, happiness, wellbeing, and energy. They are located in Sydney, and the drum circle events and activities take place in different destinations every week.

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Parramatta Afro-Brazilian Drumming

The Paramatta Afro-Brazilian Drumming club is a group of people who love to drum for the fun of music. They meet up every week, and people who are not experienced can join in to learn and play beats from Rio’s streets. They also love funk, Brazilian, samba-reggae, and other genres. The group is also sometimes joined by musicians playing other traditional musical instruments.

Female Community Drumming Group

The Female Community Drumming Group is active throughout Sydney and wants to expand its newly established club. The club has a dedicated teacher who can assist anybody to get into African rhythms, be enthusiastic, and create a positive attitude. This is the perfect activity for any woman looking for an extra activity.

Attending any of these activities and events will provide anybody interested in drumming circles with an opp9rtunity to experience what it’s all about.