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African music has international fame, with many people appreciating the different types of talent that are associated with the genre. With the large appreciation of the genre internationally, we strive to keep all new fans of the genre and those who wish to learn more all information needed.

As a magazine dedicated only to traditional African music, we strive only to provide reliable and trustworthy information to our readers. With African music, there is a sense of interest throughout the world and pulls many music enthusiasts toward interesting instruments and traditional rhythm patterns.

With the wide interest in the genre within music circles, we strive to provide honest information to all our readers on how to get the most out of joining drumming classes, picking up traditional African musical instruments, and learning more about the origins and history of traditional African Music.

As we strive to bring reliable information to interested musicians and music enthusiasts, we are looking for more writers to join our team in writing about topics of African music. To be a writer for this magazine, all potential applicants will need to provide proof of experience in writing for magazines and in the category of African music.

Knowledge of music as a whole but also traditional African music is a necessity with great skills in the English language and being able to come up with interesting topics of the genre. Although this is an online magazine, we do need all applicants to reside in Australia due to being dedicated to providing information to the Australian market and the presence of traditional African music in Australia.

If you believe that you can contribute to our magazine in the sense of writing about traditional African music, contact us to find out more about the details associated with applying for a freelance or permanent writing duty.